Revival training programs

  • A Day of Breakthrough

    with Steve and Wendy Backlund

    Are you hungry for breakthrough in your emotions, relationships, finances and influence? If so, then The Day of Breakthrough is for you! This pre-recorded four-part teaching series is for anyone seeking breakthrough in these four key areas of life. Enter into greater levels of hope and joy to transform your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Culture of Empowerment: How to Champion People

    with Steve Backlund and Guests

    Take your empowering of others to the next level! Glean wisdom and inspiration from Steve Backlund and other Bethel leaders in this pre-recorded four-part series as they unpack powerful and practical truths from Steve's latest book, The Culture of Empowerment: How to Champion People.

  • Activating Encounters

    with Wendy Backlund

    Rest, receive, and deeply encounter the Holy Spirit with Wendy Backlund in this three-part pre-recorded series. While being activated and renewed personally in your spirit to spirit connection with the Lord, you will also gain practical tools in leading those you influence to experience God.